Sport and Spinal Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

What Is A Sports Physiotherapist?

A sports physiotherapist has postgraduate qualifications in sports physiotherapy. Sporting injuries are different from regular injuries and a sports physiotherapist will diagnose, treat and help prevent sport specific injuries. They can help you achieve optimal performance specific to your needs and the sporting requirements.

Who Can See A Sports Physiotherapist?

Sports physiotherapy is not limited to high level athletes and is beneficial for all ages and sporting levels/abilities (including recreational to elite).

Spinal Physiotherapy

What Is A Spinal Physiotherapist?

A spinal physiotherapists has postgraduate qualifications in spinal physiotherapy and are typically experts in assessment of spinal conditions and treatment of spinal movements. 

What Does Spinal Physiotherapy Include?

The spine is divided into 4 main parts: 

Treatment of spinal conditions may not always be specific to one area and can include other areas such as; shoulders, ribs, core stability, pelvis, SIJ (sacroiliac joint) and hips.

How Do You Resolve A Spinal Injury?

Generally there is no 'fix' for spinal injuries. After an assessment of your condition/injury; the physiotherapist will discuss best management options and determine a management strategy that works for you.